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Turf Geeks, Inc.
Our planning process is built around each clients lawn. landscapers will collaborate with our trained staff-and their client to meticulously plan every detail without breaking their budget.

The planning phase happens like this: 
  • Initial consultation between consumer and landscaper
  • Consumers lawn will be mapped using Turf Geeks technology, dividing their lawn into specific zones
  • Delivery of detailed plan and budget document 

Make your customers landscape an oasis-like none other.

Our Turf Geeks technology does more than just soil sample and apply product to turf. We create a breathtaking mini ecosystem that embodies your personal aesthetic while incorporating enviormental sound technology to the indigenous flora and fauna of your area. 

Your dream + Our process

Here at Turf Geeks it is important to us for our landscapers to be satisied and for them to have very happy customers. We use a stringent, client-centric process to ensure collaboration occurs at every critical junction and that you’re informed every step of the way.

Understanding Turf Geeks Technology

Soil Sample
Unlike other landscaping services our landscpaers dont just soil sample their customers lawn. We take specific measurments of the soil using Turf Geeks technology that was invented almost 20 years ago. Testing their soil for over 17 different nutrients and deficiencies. This helps us get a better idea of what nuturients are needed for your customers lawn to create an enviormentaly friendly balance.
The design phases happens like this:
  • Creation of initial design that captures the essence of your project
  • A soil sample will be taken from each zone and analyzed in our independent lab
  • Our patened pending process will help determine the results for what nuturients will be applied to the lawn
  • Consumers will receive a detailed easy to read chart containing the soil sample results

Our Work Speaks for Itself

There’s nothing more important than your customers lawn, so we tackle every project like it was our own. This commitment to landscape excellence has resulted in a list of very satisfied clients. We’d love for you to join the Turf Geeks team.
It’s a thrill when you see our vision implemented right in front of you. Our landscapers are certified by Turf Geeks. Each one must pass our rigorous internal certification.

The application phase happens like this:
  • The landscape technician will apply each individual element according to the needs of each zone
  • ​Post-application walkthrough and post-instructions with your client to ensure we’ve nailed it