Turf Geeks, Inc.

         Technology has always fascinated Marcus, as long as he can remember. From the time he could toddle he spent his time outdoors playing and working on the family farm. As he got older, his interest in agronomy grew into an obsession:  he knew he'd found his life's calling.

         After receiving his agronomy degree from North Carolina State, he knew he had to be on the cutting edge. His passion for golf led him to be the pioneer in golfs GPS turf management. He founded NuTec Soil, Inc., specializing in the precision application of fertilizer while being environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Later on, Marcus sold NuTec Soil Inc., his success has allowed him to work with the biggest names in golf. "Why Not Your Lawn"? 

Turf Geeks technology is an important part of environmental sustainability. Technology that allows you to transform your customers' lawn with cutting-edge technology to create beautiful, thoughtful, and well-done lawns.


Turf Geeks technology has been used on golf courses all around the country. So why not try it on your lawn? We have worked with the biggest names in the golf industry. 

  • 2017 PGA Championship
  • 2014 PGA Championship
  • 2014 Men's U.S. Open Championship
  • 2011 PGA Championship
  • 2009 Women's U.S. Open Championship
    • Where Saucon Vally was awarded the National Environmental Sutiratship award using Turf Geeks Technology. 
  • 2007 Women's U.S. Open Championship
  • Plus So Many More:  
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