Turf Geeks, Inc.

Turf Geeks have developed a unique process to help landscapers take their customer's lawn to a new level of success. This We Guarantee!

Turf Geeks Cutting Edge Technology helps the landscaper in every step of the process of feeding their customers lawn with the right applications of products that makes the turf grow to perfection while maintaining environmental friendly solutions. 

There are major benefits to our process: The information is in your hands! Not someone misguidance or opinion or miss-application like your competition? No more costly mistakes or buying the wrong products.

Turf Geeks Cutting Edge Technology provides: 

  • Cost savings 
  • Healthier turf
  • Uniform growth
  • More drought resistant
  • Weed suppression through canopy competition 

Step 1:
Sign up and join the Turf Geeks team. Then we will send you a survey, answer all of the questions in the survey if you meet all of our requirements and then we will send you a complete Dealer Kit, with a step by step process that makes you become successful with your lawns. 

Step 2:
Once you receive your kit there will be step by step instructions inside the kit. It will explain the advantages why Turf Geeks Technology.

At your convenience watch the videos that make the process easy. Once you have completed all of the training you can now start taking this technology to your customers and start taking the samples. Turf Geeks will provide all supplies needed to complete the sampling process mailing label and shipping box for you. It's as simple as just boxing them up and dropping them in the mail. Off to the lab, it goes.

Step 3: 
The Turf Geeks team receives the data from the lab and processes your data to your customer's lawn zones. Our reports will be easy to read but very detailed in the description. Our process also calculates each product need for the zone, plus exact amounts of product need. Turf Geeks cutting-edge technology makes the reports so simple to understand that anyone could make the applications. It truly is"simple".

Step 4:
The Turf Geeks team recognizes that the landscaper cannot go to their local store and buy our special products needed for the process. So for the convenience of the landscaper, our products will be available on shop.turfgeeks.com

Turf Geeks team will make a detailed shopping cart order through shop.turfgeeks.com   This step is what really makes the process convenient.  Because you are getting the right products:  Turf Geeks-Numbered Bages.
Step 5:
We recognize that our final step of the process is the most demanding.
Each product that the reports call for has to be applied separately.

Lime:  if needed, that is an application.
Phosphorus: if needed, that is an application.
Potash:   if needed, that is an application, so own:

All the different applications at different amounts are what creates the soil balance. We recognize that there could be several applications, but this can be done over a period of time.
All the applications do not have to be done in one day.

The Turf Geeks team will lead you in the correct application process.


Understanding Turf Geeks Technology

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